April 07, 2010

Tree & its Texture

Nature captivates me,enthralls me and mesmerizes me.  I love to be surrounded by trees,plants,flowers,birds & greenery of all kind.My mornings are always spent in my garden. My love for trees is reflected in my Texture photo series. Each tree is so different from others. Each one changes colours according to season. Tree trunk has more texture due to dryness in atmosphere during summer. Being involved in textile related trade I love surface textures of all kinds.

Palm Tree trunk has so many textures. Every few feet texture changes.

Following are few textures of Palm Trunk.

Another type of Palm Tree. Unfortunately I am not sure about its name.

"kanaji" Tree

"Arjuna" Tree

At this moment I do not remember the name of the tree.

Neem Tree with vines on it!

Very Old Neem Tree

I am not able to identify them.

"Bilipatra" Tree

I can see so many more textures around me. May be next time!

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