April 24, 2010

Why I do photography?

One photo enthusiast raised a question on one of the photo websites, about, why someone does photography. That set me thinking. One of the question was,is it for money? Definitely not as far as I am concerned. Than what drove me to it. Since last few years,I had this desire of capturing each lovely moments of my life,beauty of my surroundings, capture memories of many journeys I undertake during the year. Unfortunately I never got around it. We had a point and shoot camera which I used sometimes. But it always left me dissatisfied. So I put the desire on back burner. Though I thought about it many times. This January, my brother bought our first DSLR  camera. And handed it over to me & my young nephew and told us to shoot. That started my journey in photography. I fell in love with camera the moment I started clicking. My young nephew is my photo buddy and his enthusiasm rubbed off on me. 

 I have always envied people who are creative,particularly painters, who can put their creativity on canvas. Unfortunately I could never do it as I did not have it in me. I have always wanted to be creative. I have always admired and appreciated persons who spend their life in creative pursuits.I appreciate any creative faculty whether painting,sculpture, textiles or crafts. I think I am trying to fulfill, long unfulfilled wish with photography. It does not require use of my hand,which I am not good at, but my eyes,soul,heart,brain which I think I can do better.

At the moment it is pure fun. I do get lost in technicalities as I am not much tech savvy. But I am enjoying it. I am photographing instinctively.Results are mixed bag. From good to very bad. I am yet to reach very good level. But I am trying. I will soon start learning all technical details by attending course. That scares me, to be frank. I am yet to decide on which genre of photography I should pursue. One of my friends told me I am good at telling story through photos, someone else told me to capture unusual images like the ones I took of tree trunks.  Someone asked me what is your photo style? I am lost by this question. Hey, I have lot to explore yet. I am not sure about genre to follow. I photograph what my heart tells me to. This question can be scary for any beginner.I want to photograph whatever I like and not restrict myself at the moment. I will think of this thing once I have learnt it to my satisfaction.And this can take years as it is a vast subject to explore.

I hope I am able to sustain this hobby for long time.

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