March 29, 2010

Pethapur- Block Maker's Bastion

Tools of Block Maker

Pethapur,near Ahmedabad, used to be bastion for wood block making. 
Currently also, it is only surviving center of wood block making in India. There is an interesting story behind wood block making. Many years ago women got tired of wearing their plain saris everyday. Modern day embellishment were not in vogue during those times. So they dipped their bangles,rings etc. into colour and etched their images on their saris. Their husbands,who were carpenters by profession,saw this and thought of carving out wood in different images. These wood blocks/images were used by their wives for printing images on their saris. Thus started Block Making craft many centuries ago.  Now unfortunately this art is on its deathbed. Children of block makers are no longer interested in this craft as it is not paying enough.Modern generation has forgotten this century old art. I recently visited one such Block Maker's workshop and found few enthusiastic block makers. Here are glimpses of the same.

Some Glimpses of Town

                                                            Craftsmen At Work


  1. Anureet KaurAugust 11, 2010

    That's such a thoughtful and beautiful post! I never knew of this art before. I myself was familiar with textile dying. This looks immensely creative!

    It's great that you captured all these photos and have given a wonderful message to our generation :)

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