July 30, 2010

Vegetable Market-Ahmedabad

Traditional vegetable market holds very special place in hearts of Indian people. Day to day need of vegetables are fulfilled by these markets. Atmosphere at this market is seen to be believed. Cacophony of sound, hectic parleys, haggling are all part of it. Its sound and smell are something special.

Scooter is filled with Green coconut ready to be taken home.

Shops are all traditional,old fashioned. Vegetable vendor either sits on the floor or on high platform surrounded by variety of vegetables.

Packed and ready to be sold.

Traditional weighing scale still rules.

Haggling is enjoyed by all. 

Waiting for clients.

"Masala", basic ingredients in Indian cooking like chillies,ginger,lemon, coriander are sold by vendors who specially deal in them.

"Masala" seller admires his own banner!!

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