June 28, 2014

Faces of India-15

My series continues.....

I love to capture myriad human emotions, I see, on the faces of people I come across. Looking through my viewfinder, I sometimes see the soul of the person, which I cherish and present through my photographs.

I move around streets of cities and villages to capture the faces of India. Many people have asked me whether people object to being photographed. Fortunately, very rarely I have faced the resistance. 

I generally make it very obvious by moving around with my camera in the area. A smile or two and little small talk makes people comfortable. Yes, being a lady also has its advantages. Females are more comfortable around me and males anyway rarely mind.

Children are special delight. Their naughtiness, innocence, expressions make all the efforts worthwhile.

When I capture portraits, I feel complete oneness with my subject. Sometimes it takes an effort to keep my emotions away , particularly with children.

To be continued...

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