October 01, 2014


Monsoon season has officially ended in India. It is a season I love the most. After unbearable heat of summer,monsoon is a respite, each Indian is waiting for. I wait for that smell of the earth after the first showers. Change in the scenery is dramatic to say the least. "Monsoon" is my favourite subject for photography. This season,apart from my camera,I used my cell phone and tablet to the fullest to do monsoon photography.

From the confines of the car I could safely capture the drama .

I wish I could paint the drama enacted before me.

I was stuck in a traffic, which gave me an opportunity to capture wonderful reflection created by tail lights of the cars.

This car looked like an installation art to me!

Painting by one above captured by my cell!

After the rains, sky presented its own drama.

To catch a rain......


  1. Sonali, wonderful capture.

  2. Nicely captured, stay dry.

  3. Very nice rainy pictures of rain. Good photography.

  4. Nice one..keep up the good work

  5. Very nice work Somali. I especially liked the Yercaud images.