March 16, 2017

Do I see in abstract?

Someone asked me very interesting question. Do you see in abstract or do you create an abstract? Question which made me think about my photography , which can be fairly abstract or sometimes rather strongly so.

Abstract look at the palm leaf

If you look at the palm leaf above , one thing becomes very clear that I do look at my subject in an abstract manner. For me it is not a palm leaf but some object with a strong shadow and lovely textures.That is the first thing I noticed about it. Moment I saw it this way, it stopped being a palm leaf. This confirms the first part of the question that I do look at things in an abstract manner.

While I was shooting this photograph, I realised that by taking a photo at certain angle, I can make it look like steps. And I shot it according to that vision. This confirms the second part of the question that I create an abstract.

I don't think any artist, and I consider myself a photo artist, restricts herself or himself to thinking in one particular way. It is a constantly evolving process which ends with the saving of the edited version of the photo in the hard disk and even beyond.


  1. I agree with you: I think we create abstractness depending on our vision. Our angle of shot turns something into an abstract. Therefore, from what we see, we create something that does not look like the real subject.

  2. We create abstractness depending on the angle of shot. Abstractness is the way our mind follows our vision.

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