June 19, 2010

Kankaria Lake -Ahmedabad's jewel

Kankaria lake,in ahmedabad, was built by Sultan Qutubuddin in 15th century AD.Circumference of this lake , 34 sided polygon,  is round 2.30 kms. It's ancient name was Hauj-E-Kutub.In the middle is Nagina Wadi a royal garden which can be accessed by causeway. Today this crumbling lake is restored to its glory and it has become a happening place for the residents of the area. Surrounded by beautiful walkway,children's toy train , famous Zoo of Ahmedabad, it is a place for relaxation for the city of Ahmedabad.

Early morning at Kankariya boat jetty.

Naginawadi In the middle

Dutch and Armenian tombs on the west side of Kankaria was built around 1615-1700. There were recntly resorted.

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