June 16, 2010

Sarkhej Roza ,Ahmedabad Mausoleum of Ganj Baksh

Sufi Saint Ganj Baksh 's Dargah at Sarkhej Roza is architectural marvel. He was highly venerated figure till he died at the age of 111 and many people are his followers even today. Construction of his mausoleum took place in 1451 A.D. This dargah is one of the largest in Gujarat. All walls are with beautiful trellised windows. Sun filtering through this windows create magical images. One feels at a peace by just entering the dargah. It has 13 domes. 5th aisle is narrower than others seen from any corner.

Red thread tied on a lattice window to ward of evil.

     Women are not allowed  in the inner sanctorum.

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