October 13, 2010


Ramlila is a folk dramatisation of Ramayan. It is generally performed by amateur stage artists under the open sky. Singer is also part of the troupe and time to time recites verses from Ramayan or sings "Bhajans". Performances are over the top and public interaction is heavy. Whistling,singing,clapping all are welcome. Performance go on for 10 days and ends with burning of Ravan's effigy on 10th day.

Performance starts by invoking God's name.

In 2005, UNESCO has declared Ramlila as a "Materpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity". Another interesting piece of information is Ramlila performed by Muslim youths in Bakshi Ka Talab near Lucknow. In this atmosphere of communal tensions this performance draws a different line.

Main characters of Ramlila are Lord Ram,his wife Goddess Sita, Brothers Laxman,Bharat and Shtrughna and his disciple Hanuman ji, Sugriv, Jambuvan and villain of the story Ravan,his brother Kumbhkarna and Son Meghnad. These characters are very dear to Indians and are revered by young and old alike.

Ramlila is based on life,beliefs,values and philosophy of Lord Ram's life. He is a central character. He is considered God re-incarnate. His closeness to his brother Laxman is legendary. Laxman served his brother like his loyal disciple.

Goddess Sita was Ram's wife and daughter of Earth. She was a beautiful woman with a strong character and follows her husband to the forest when he is banished to the forest by his father. 

Attracted by her beauty king of Lanka Ravana,king with ten heads, kidnaps her. Ravan is king of "rakshasas" i.e. demons.  Ravan was follower of God Shiva nad just and capable ruler of his people. He was master veena player and a scholar.His act of kidnapping Sita resulted in war with Lord Ram which resulted in ruin of his empire and his death. Ramayan is primarily story of this war apart from Lord Ram's life. Ravan was follower of God Shiva nad just and capable ruler of his people.

Ravan performed penance to Lord Brahma for several years to gain immortality. He cut off his head to appease Brahma. But each time new head appeared. After 10th head was cut off by Ravan,Brahma was pleased with him and granted him a boon that except for mortal man no one will be able to kill him. He also restored all his 10 severed heads. Lord Vishnu had to take a birth as a Lord Ram, a mere mortal man , to kill Ravan.

 Story of Ramayan will not be same without Hanuman, Very popular and lovable character of Lord Hanuman has a special place in hearts of all followers of Hinduism. He is popularly known as "Monkey God." Ram took his help for Sita's search. Hanuman with his power and divine strength was the only match for Ravan. He jumped the ocean between India and Lanka and found out whereabouts of  Sita. His antiques at Lanka are hilarious,legendary and of stuff that stories are made of. He can beat today's super heroes hands down!

Here are some glimpses of Ramlila performed in city of Ahmedabad.

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