October 06, 2011

Surreal World - Durga Puja Idol Making

Durga Puja is one of the most important festivals of Bengal. Clay idols of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, mainly Goddess Durga, are made for worshiping. On the "dashmi" evening, these idols are immersed in the water,which marks end of the festival.

These idols are traditionally made by "Pals",who are clay artisans. Highest graded pals make Head,palms and feet of the idols.

I visited "pandal" where idol making was in progress. I felt as if I have entered some surreal world where I can see different body parts lying around.

Making of idols is holy and many rituals are followed while making them. Sand is collected from banks of Ganges for making of idols.

Making of idols is very lengthy,backbreaking and strenuous process.It requires highest level of skills for making face of Goddess Durga.

Skeleton structure is first made in Bamboo and Jute cloth by one group of artisans. 2nd Group then do clay work on this prepared structure. At the end master craftsmen work on features with great skill and artistry.

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  1. Aroon kalandyOctober 06, 2011

    very impressive Pictorial Essay... Speaks volumes about the artistry and loving talent poured into each and every creation...

    great Photography and beautiful compos.......
    loved it....

  2. Balaji MaheshwarOctober 06, 2011

    stunning work.
    Expecting more such photo essays from you.

  3. A very interesting post, Sonali. Beautifully illustrated by your fine images.

  4. ray fauselMay 22, 2012

    cool. like that you did them in b/w