November 28, 2011

"chopda"-Handmade book-keeping books....tradition of India

In India, accounts are written in "Chopadas" - as book keeping books are traditionally called. Chopadas are vertical books and opens from bottom to top rather than right to left like all books. They are always Red in colour.Books are hand stitched with White thread and photo of Goddess Laxmi is stuck inside.

Though now people use computers for maintaining their accounts, they still worship the chopadas on Diwali day. On Diwlai day "chopada pujan" is organized and first page of the chopada is marked with some sacred words.

These chopadas are handmade. Mainly Muslim community is involved in making these chopadas used by traditional Hindus.This tradition is slowly on its way out and will soon become thing of past.

This chopada making starts 3 months before Diwali.I took opportunity to visit one such place and enjoyed clicking slowly dyeing art.

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  1. How interesting to hear of traditions like this, Sonali. That one in your first photo here looks like a work of art!