September 25, 2012

Faces of India - 10

After a long gap, I am continuing with my series, Faces of India.

                                                          Close -up

I love clicking candid portraits. When I look through my view finder at people, I catch,observe,see many emotions on people's faces,which in normal course I may not see. 

                                                            At Adalaj Stepwell

Moving around my city,camera around my neck,I search for human emotions to capture. Sometimes, I do feel that I am intruding on someone's privacy. I always give them enough time  to move away. I wait for adverse reaction, if any. Once I sense their consent,I continue with clicking. 

                                                    At Ravivari,Ahmedabad.


Sometimes,I like to interact with people before I click them. I also enjoy clicking people, when I realise that they are comfortable with me.