December 29, 2012

Faces of India - 12

Here goes part 12 of my series Faces of India. For the current series, i have decided to concentrate on children of India. Cute, mischievous, lively, ever smiling they are delight to be with.

These children were so eager to be photographed. Shyness and curiosity on their faces are so endearing.

Indian children with their big eyes and innocent faces look cute and cuddly.

Lives of  many children are not easy and fun filled as one wants it to be.

What he was thinking so deeply about?

 They captivate me with their smile. They charm me with their innocence. Beautiful kids of my beautiful country.


  1. Simply awesome collection of children.... :)
    some made me smile and a few made me cry....
    that's the beauty of ur photography !!!

  2. Hi,
    Your photoblog is easily one of the best potblogs on India I have come across. Great photographs and great stories. These are priceless for a visual artist like me looking for inspiration.

    Thanks. Keep moving ahead on teh journey!

  3. Price of photo ?? The Priceless emotions of these kids..
    "Tarein Jameen Par"