December 24, 2013

Faces of India-14

The series continues....

For this post, I am going to concentrate on children, mainly from Kutch region. With their colourful attires and beautiful faces. they are my favourites.

                                                              Photo: Children of Kutch-1

Expressions on her face fascinated me.I found them undefinable. Quite a confident young lady at this tender age.

                                                                    Photo: Children of Kutch-2

She made an attractive picture with her colourful bangles and equally colourful dress.

Photo: Children of Kutch-3

Expressions on their faces brought a smile on my faces and a joy to capture.

Photo: Children of Kutch-4

Quite a serious look !!

                                                             Photo: Children of Kutch-5

Innocent young girl with direct look!

                                                                  Photo: Children of Kutch-6

At last a boy, with her equally colourfull shirt.

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