March 07, 2015

Nature around me - 3

The friendship continues....

Sunday or on any holiday, I spend my mornings roaming around my neighbourhood with my camera in tow, searching for birds or flowers, I so love. I enjoy those private moments I share with them. Here are my latest captures of my eternal companions.

Sunbird Male...

 My efforts paid off at last.  I was trying to capture this beauty since long time, but my limited skills in bird photography made the task very difficult for me. Yesterday, my luck worked and I could capture somewhat better images of this male Sunbird.

Oriental Magpie Robin Male


In my mad rush after Sunbird, I almost missed one of my most favourite birds, Oriental Magpie Robin. 

Raven (Jungle Crow)

Raven spent its entire morning in preening, giving me ample time to capture it.

Green Bee Eater 

Enjoyed the antics of Green Bee Eater, trying to catch the food from the air and the success !

Camel's Foot (Kachnaar) flowers are in full bloom. One can easily mistake it for Orchid.

Petrea flowers in full bloom. It has taken over Camel's Foot tree completely!

"Anaar" Tree 

Tacoma Flowers