May 11, 2015

Streets of India in split seconds - Through my car window, Part-1

Travelling on Indian roads can be a fascinating experience. At each turn , one can find , new story happening, new experience to carry along. I am very fond of travelling by car. I come across many instances when I feel like stopping my car and get down to shoot the scene. Unfortunately it is not possible most of the time. So as not to miss the opportunity, I capture from my car. In many cases, I have included car as a frame of my shot. I am thoroughly enjoying this series of mine. Decision has to be taken in split seconds. Yes, I do sacrifice on technical quality but not on content. IMHO.

You definitely need God's protection on Indian roads!!

Move!! They seem to tell me!

seemed so bored!!

You can have all kinds of road blocks..

Stop- Go!

Kids enjoy their ride!

Nomads migrating!

Roadside eateries have food to die for!

Journey on Indian roads can be an experience to be remembered forever. There is never a dull moment. Yes, they can be dangerous, but driving with care and enjoying the vista can be a lifetime experience.

To be continued..