June 01, 2015

Champaner, Gujarat - Part -1 - Kamani Masjid (Mosque)

Champaner, historical town of Gujarat,India, was founded in 8th century by a Rajput King, Vanraj Chawada. It was a strategically and commercially important town of Gujarat. Its fame attracted Muslim ruler, Mahmmud Begada and he captured it in 1484.  Under his rule , town flourished further. Many mosques were built in Champaner and surrounding area. In 1535, Mughal king Humayun conquered Champaner. But under his rule, importance of Champaner reduced, resulting in slow deterioration of its many beautiful monuments.

I recently had a chance to visit this beautiful but ruined town of Champaner. Out of the many monuments I visited, I found Kamani Masjid to be most fascinating. Kamani masjid is so called because of number of arches (Kaman) and pillars in its main hall.

At the moment, this mosque is in shambles.Only some beautiful arches remain to remind us of its original glory.

I was fascinated by asymmetrical structure of the mosque. Abstract lover in me appreciated it immensely.

Amazing geometry created by play of shadow was another point of interest for me.

Geometry of shadows..

One can see damaged minaret at one end of the mosque. That is the only surviving minaret. Did it have more ? question will remain unanswered.

Arches and Pillars..

One can see flowers and pots and other similarly carved motifs on some of the pillars and in one or two carved out areas. Though everything is in a ruined condition.


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  1. I am also a photographer, I checked your photographs which are really amazing.