November 18, 2016

Backwaters of Kerala , india

God's own country

Kerala, one of the southern states of India, is also known as God’s own country, and rightly so.Verdant forests, pristine beaches, beautiful and beckoning waterways, undulating mountains with tea gardens and wildlife parks, all make Kerala a perfect tourist destination. 

Backwaters of Kerala at Alleppy
 I am fascinated by life around Kerala’s 1500 km long waterways. Boats are lifelines for people residing on both sides of canals or “backwaters” as they are known.

Gliding over water at Kerala Backwaters
As one leisurely travels across the waterway, one comes across signs of daily living. Men concentrating on fishing, women washing clothes or utensils, laughter of children as they swim or play in the water or some boatman enjoying his siesta in the boat, the chirping of many birds flocking the waterways are sights one comes across and enjoys. Both sides of canals are lined by swaying Cocoanut trees, Jackfruit trees or paddy fields. Waterways are filled with purple flowered hyacinth giving it green hues. Reflection of tress growing on the sidelines and occasional sighting of aquatic life floating in the water delights travelers.

Life around backwaters of Kerala - Captured with my Canon EOS 7D
On my recent trip to Kerala, I spent hours travelling across its tiny, narrow, off the beaten track waterways, enjoying the rhythmic sound of oars hitting water and occasional the singing of our boatman breaking the silence that surrounded us.

View from the houseboat at backwaters of Kerala


  1. Gorgeous lushness. Very inviting! :)

  2. Kerala looks very beautiful..great photos Sonali :))