November 19, 2016

White Desert- Safed Rann- Kutch, Gujarat, india

 Around 90 kms, from Bhuj, main city of Kutch, lies this largest salt desert in the world, generally known as The White Desert. For someone who has grown up in claustrophobic city, this mass of pristine White land is a sight to behold and enjoy.

Bird's eye view of White Desert, Kutch,India

Best time to visit is from October to March. This is the place where you would like to spend hours in quiet contemplation. If you wish to attend Rann utsav, visit it during months of December to February/March.

Colours of Rann utsav at White Desert, Kutch

Try to visit it during the evening hours to enjoy the beauty of Sunset. If you are there during Rann utsav, you can also hear the last notes of  local folk music ,as moonlight slowly covers it in its silvery light.

As the sun sets on beauty of  White Desert, Kutch

Fun time during Rann utsav White desert

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