November 25, 2016

Journey to White Desert, Kutch - Part-1

We left for our journey to White Desert very early in the morning. More than 400 kms of distance from Ahmedabad to White Desert  passed with more than necessary stops for umpteen number of tea cups  and capturing vista which was photographer's delight. My Canon EOS 7D and SONY RX 100 M3 with its versatile Carl Zeiss lens were put to good use.

Early morning
 Place where I always love to stop is Surajbari area, where landscape can change depending upon the season or time of your visit. White beauty of salt pans, broken by symmetrical formation of electrical poles and unsymmetraical arrangement of windmills present surreal landscape to my photographer's eyes.

Surreal landscape of Surajbari, Kutch

Salt pans of Kutch

 And if you are lucky enough you will be able to meet and photograph shepherds of kutch attired in their traditional dress and with their flock of animals. 
Shepherds of Kutch
To be continued....

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