December 03, 2016

Travel - White Desert, Kutch - Part -2

Journey  continues ...

Journey along the salt pans of Kutch continues.... 

As we continued our journey towards White desert- Safed Rann and Banni Grassland in Kutch, we encountered many nomad families on their way back to Kutch ,where they had travelled to avoid harsh summer climate.

Nomads of Kutch , Guajrat, India

As our journey continued, and we neared Banni Grassland, sudden dust storms became frequent .  Through the haze of dust we could see buffaloes trying to cross the road.
Sudden Dust Storm at Banni Grassland

The landscape became flatter and flatter , as we reached, largest grassland in Indian subcontinent- Banni.  we could see, immense diversity of changing  flora and fauna. Intricacies of dried tree fascinated abstract photographer in me. 
Flora and fauna of Banni Grass land

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