December 12, 2016

Travel White Desert- Kutch - Part 3

Through beautiful Banni Grassland..

Frequent chai-tea stops made our journey more enjoyable. Interaction with locals is always most pleasurable part of any journey.

Smiling Kutchi child on way to White Desert

As we progressed  through the grassland, topography changed. One can see land as far as eyes can reach. Dust storms were frequent. Mirage created dreamy photo opportunity.

Mirage on way to White Desert
 One can see row of animals walking towards source of water ,passing by localised dust storm.

In search of water, Banni Grassland, Kutch

Barren land of Kutch desert

Suddenly a surprise like this house without roof can stop you on your tracks.

Beyond imagination, Banni grassland,Kutch

To be continued.....

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