December 22, 2016

Travel to White desert - Kutch- Part -5

Where are they heading? Kutch, may be
I look up and I see flock of birds flying westwards. May be they are flying towards Kutch, I dream. Kutch, has always been my favourite destination in india. As and when time permits, I make a dash for this dry barren land which has a lot to offer for nature and craft lover in me.

Man with piercing eyes, Village of Kutch

Each time I have visited Kutch I have come back with memories of some faces, whom I am not likely to forget in a hurry. Man in the photo above, was initially very reluctant to be photographed and avoided  my very obvious attempt and a request to photograph him. As i was about to walk away , he came and knelt in front of his window and posed. And i got the shot I wanted. I can understand the reluctance to be photographed in many kutchi people. Photographers invade kutch in hordes and start capturing photos without bothering about the sensitivity of the people regarding the issue,particularly of women who live behind the veils and are not happy about being photographed. 

Kutchi woman who loved being photographed.
Here was one feisty old lady, who gave us her toothy smile and didn't mind being photographed. 

To be continued...

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