August 29, 2017

Yercaud- Hillstation of Tamilnadu - Part-2

Anyone visiting Yercaud must spare few hours to take 31 kilometers scenic drive in Sheravoy hills.  Our drive took us right up to Cauvery peak and back.
Beauty around is seen to be believed. Coffee, pepper and orange plantations abound. Teak plantations are in plenty. Peeping in the woods, one can find lovely colonial planter’s bungalows.

Cavery Pak- Yercaud

Planter's Bungalow - Yercaud

Misty atmosphere and smell of vegetation prevails. We stop frequently to enjoy the beauty which I have rarely seen in my frequent travels around India. Hidden charms of Sheravoy hills are on display through entire route. I feel this is a must do thing for any traveler to Yercaud.

Misty Forest of Yercaud

To be continued....

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