August 28, 2017

YERCAUD - Under-rated Hillstation of Tamilnadu -1

Any talk about hill stations of South India is likely to include Ooty, Coorg, Munnar , favourites of travelers. Yercaud,in Tamilnadu, for reasons unknown, has been relegated to backseat. Situated at height of 5000 ft., in Sheravoy hill range, it is situated just 28 kms from town of Salem. My recent visit there has convinced me that its beauty is highly underrated. It has its own charm and has retained, more or less, characteristics of the town of yore.

Sheravoy Hill Range, Tamilnadu

Road to Yercaud
With trusted Canon 7D in tow, we undertook a journey to Yercaud on picturesque mountain road consisting of 20 hairpin bends.Each curve of the road brought a beautiful vista in sight. With not much written in praise about Yercaud, my expectations were pretty low. And to be frank, the first sight did nothing to alleviate that feeling. But as the hours passed its special charm grew on me. Yercaud’s name is derived from lake at its center. Yeri means lake and Kaddu means forest. Established by British, it came to be known as Yercaud. Life of this tiny town revolves around its lake. It is worth spending time at the lake at twilight which makes its water shimmer with wonderful glow. Eating corn cob and enjoying the setting sun can be highlight of the evening.

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