May 07, 2010

At Flower Market-Ahmedabad

Second outing planned for our photography course was to Flower Market at Jamalpur area of Ahmedabad. It was my first visit to the place. Market starts at 4 in the morning and the business is over by 9. We reached there at 6:30 which I think was rather late. Next time I will make it a point to be there by 5:30. It was my first visit to this market even though I have spent my entire life in this city. Visit completely overwhelmed me. Smell of flowers,cacophony of sounds,throng of people everything was quite overpowering.It took me little time to adjust with this atmosphere. I feel that my photographs have not done justice to the place as place took some time to sink in. Now when I think back,I feel that I have missed out on many photo opportunities. I also believe that one needs to develop familiarity with the subject before venturing into photographing it. Well,one learns!!!

Flower Market is on the banks of river Sabarmati.

Since early morning place becomes very crowded. People come to buy fresh flowers from all over. 

There is an organised market inside the building apart from many flower vendors who sit outside on the roads and pavements to sell flowers,garlands etc. Due to hot summer only Indian Rose and Marigolds were mainly visible.

Along with flower sellers there are also sellers of threads,needles all ancillaries to flower business. There was even seller of Rat poison among them!!

Where there are people food and tea stall can not be far behind!

Many children took interest in family business!

It was fun to observe people with their various expressions and in their various moods!

Lotus seller with her lotus-beautiful flowers!!

Lotus was peeping out of gunny bag!

Flowers flowers everywhere!

Garlands of all kinds!

On the opposite side of Flower Market there were many vegetable hawkers. All sitting on the ground and doing brisk retail business. Here are some glimpses of vegetable markets.

King of fruits Mangoes were there too!!

Arguments and bargains were part of the business.

Glimpses of surrounding area.

We also encountered  elephants and cows!!

It was fun to see all my co-students rushing to photograph "Sadhu"!!

One conclusion that I have reached for myself is that photographing people is not my cup of tea. Better stick to nature or monuments which at least do not move when I am fumbling with my camera!!!!


  1. Nice pictures sonali !
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    Srinivasa Rao.S