May 05, 2010

Gandhi Ashram

Gandhi ji

Our first practical assignment for photography class was Gandhi ashram,Ahmedabad. My favourite place. I was excited yet apprehensive about how I was going to do justice to the subject. We were asked to photograph whatever we like. No specific theme was given. We spent almost 3 hours there. In the end it was interesting to see every ones photographs. Each one had a different vision , different outlook, different theme and different attitude towards the subject. Here are my photographs. I hope it reflects the admiration,awe,respect I feel for the man.

 Early morning sun reflected in the river Sabarmati.

River front project provided another photo opportunity. Skyline of Ahmedabad was visible on one side. On another side I could see huge dome of  Dariyapur Mosque and water tanks of Dudheshwar. I could have spent many more hours and still found many more subjects to photograph. On my previous visits to Gandhi Ashram,I had never realised it. Now I was looking at it from photographer's eye. Hriday Kunj has a special place in my heart. It reflects Gandhiji's austerity and simplicity. House itself  is starkly simple. It is very well looked after & maintained by the management. For me it is a shrine of apostle of peace.

    Gandhi museum designed by Charles Correa is interestingly designed. I liked to photograph its interiors due to various angles I could find. I think it provided perfect setting for good composition. Here are some glimpses of the museum.

There is also a store which sells books written by Gandhi ji and written on Gandhi ji.

In the compound

Place where Gandhiji used to pray every morning and evening is still used by Ashram inmates for their daily prayers. It must be a deeply spiritual atmosphere when prayers are held.

Many followers and admirers of  Gandhi ji come and spend time there to reflect on the bygone era.

 Museum has a nice garden where people come to relax.

River Front project is under way just in front of Gandhi Ashram. 

Hriday Kunj- Gandhiji's Home 1917-1930

Gandhiji's personal items.  I had to take this photograph through lattice window as room was not open.

There are many other buildings in the compound where many famous personalities had come and stayed with Gandhi ji including Mira ben, Vinoba Bhave and many more. All the buildings are well maintained and represents Gandhian philosophy.

I plan to visit it once again as I want to continue my photo journey there as I feel that there are many area still to explore where Gandhi ji's voice still lingers.

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  1. Use of natural lights in photography is beautifully done. Just felt like I have visited the place. Truely it is a shrine,unfortunately politicians misuse it.