July 13, 2010

Rathyatra, Ahmedabad

Rathyatra is one of the most celebrated festival of Ahmedabad,India.  Since 133 years this traditions is kept alive by people of the city.Rath yatra of Ahmedabad stands next to Puri in terms of importance.

Every year during first month of monsoon , according to Hindu  mythology,Lord Jagannath (Vishnu),his brother Balram and sister Subhadra ride their chariots and go to their uncle's home for vacation and return to their home. Rathyatra symbolises that journey. In Ahmedabad, around 2,00,000 people take part in procession. This procession halts in the afternoon at Lord's maternal uncle's home. And after lunch and some rest it restarts. The maternal uncle's home is situated (by tradition) in area called Saraspur in old city of Ahmedabad. According to century old tradition, people staying in this area provide lunch to everyone who participate in this procession. For this they do not charge as it is considered privilege to serve the devotees. Cooking by ladies of the area starts 2 days before. Every member of the locality participates in the festivities.Air of devotion is in the air which can affect most people visiting the area.

I was lucky enough to see going ons in the kitchen day before. Here are some glimpses of the same.

Spices are kept ready.

Puris (puffed Indian bread) being prepared.

Vegetables cut!

Many hands work faster.

Young and old all join hands to cook.

People enjoy the work.

Puri frying is men's job!

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  1. very lovely indeed. thank you for posting these.