July 09, 2010

Faces of India - 6

Once again my journey continues. Fascination with faces of India, people of India , their traditions, their way of life continues. It gets reflected in images I take.

This photo-image is of tea vendor-"Gallawala"- I came across recently. Powerful personality, he reminded me of village leader depicted in Hindi cinema.

Traditional Indian woman with "Bindi" on forehead , nose Ring and ear rings (sometimes more than one) epitomises beauty. Her eyes are always most noteworthy feature of her face.

Aha! Tea. Nectar for every Indian.

Once again Tea is part of the image.

Typical scene during months of monsoon. People covering their faces and sometimes body with old gunny bags.

Typical vegetable vendor with religious mark on his face can be seen all over Gujarat.

"Bandwala"'s are part of any religious or marriage procession in India.With their colourful attire and musical instruments they are quite popular. 

This Black beauty is Balloon and toy seller by roadside. Her sharp features radiates a beauty which no beauty parlour can help to achieve.

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