July 05, 2010

River Walk -Ahmedabad

"Visarjan"-Immersing idol in holy rivers.

Sabarmati River , main source of water for Ahmedabad is a lifeline for Ahmedabad. Now with new river front project it has come into limelight  for various facilities it is going to offer to citizens of  Ahmedabad. River is given status of goddess by all Indians. Life on the river front is a delight for any photographer. People taking bath, Buffalo swimming merrily, tractors digging for fertile sand, migratory birds, women washing their clothes and utensils and in some cities even dead bodies are burnt on river banks. For residents of  small towns and villages, their life revolves around river banks. Here is my photo essay on life around banks of Sabarmati river.

Barber on river front.

Washing cloths on River bank with cow for a company!

Enjoying his siesta while buffaloes take bath!

Preparing Potato patch while Camel keeps a watch.

Well! Some fisherman has found a nice parking place!!

Giving bath to his truck!

Father gives bath to his truck, while young kids enjoy their time out at river!

I also found photo of Jesus on Shiva temple by riverside. !!!

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  1. Anureet KaurJuly 05, 2010

    Really really love the Virajan one. Showcases beautifully.

    Also the father washing the truck and the son enjoying is simple yet beautifully shot. Portrays it stunningly.

    Love the Jesus in the mandir. Something Really unique!:D