August 09, 2010

Faces of India - 9

Once again my photo journey to catch Faces of India continues.

Old city of Ahmedabad & its people ,once again caught my attention.

Faces of people residing in old city tell thousand tales. Here is Grandpa like figure indulgently observing kids.

tea stalls are favourite hanging place of people of the area.

"Baa" is going through morning newpaper.

Street dogs are common sight and looked after by residents of the area with all the love and care.

Vegetable vendors are always part of the "scenery" so to say!

Young girl.

Old man was waiting for someone to listen to his story.

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  1. Anureet KaurAugust 11, 2010

    Wow! this is wonderful! I love how ur series on Indian Street Photography transits from people to people. Each series has something different to offer. It's such an inspiration to look at your photos!

    Can't wait for Series 10!:D Also if you get the time, please do a series of street photography in Varnasi and Mathura!:)