August 14, 2010

Shepherd community Summer Migration from Kachh

At the end of summer, everyday,I used to observe group of shepherds or shepherd families walking on roads with their household items,animals, family members. They offered colourful, interesting spectacle. Every year these families migrate from desert of kutchh to other areas of  Gujarat or even far, in search of water,grass for their animals and means of livelihood for themselves. At the end of monsoon they return to their villages in Kutchh. They live life of Nomad for 4 months of monsoon. Here are some glimpses of their walk back home.

Women in their colourful attire present pretty picture.

Cows,donkeys,sheep and dogs form part of the merry group.

Metal pot for drinking water,along with cloth bag to put their belongings in, are commonly seen on shepherds shoulders.

Colourful procession continues on their journey.

Lady on donkey presented funny sight!

Newly born lambs are carried on donkey's back,making a cute picture!

I wish I could have this sort of car!!!

Some have switched to new plastic bottles. A sorry sight!

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  1. Sonali no words !!!! Simply super ! u did the best . women are lovely :) I am tempting to visit India again :(